Job Description

Supported Living Coordinator / Field Supervisor

Support individuals with developmental disabilities! Under the general direction of the Director, provide training, assistance and support to individuals with developmental disabilities in supported living situations.

The Coordinator is the core of the delivery of supports services. His/her job is to coordinate all support services and to directly provide for opportunities that will increase the competency of each person served to do things for himself/herself, to the extent possible.

Summary of essential job functions

  •  Make regular contacts with each assigned person, at a minimum of, one face to face and.two phone contacts weekly. Determine and document through contacts the following;
  • Home does not present any unacceptable risks to person's health and safety, smoke alarms are in working
  • Home is clean and nutritious food is available in adequate supply, with no expired food items. 
  • Observe interactions between staff and person to insure that person's outcomes are being Provide opportunity for people served to speak with you in private to discuss any issues with staff or other issues they may have.
  • Monitor /reconcile petty cash to insure funds are accounted for, if applicable. Submit to Waiver Services Administrative Assistant by 10:00 A.M. every Tuesday for the previous week.
  • Monitor medication count and medication administration record to insure that staff is administering medications correctly, if applicable.
  • Review in-home binder to insure all mandated paper work is current and accounted
  • Review ALL staffs daily logs to ensure that staff are documenting accurately, Initial and date each entry upon monitoring.
  • Review ALL staffs time sheets to insure that they are being completed daily, accurately.
  • Document weekly progress towards outcomes of each person served.
  • Submit to the QMRP weekly (Monday by 10:00 A.M.) coordinator contacts from the previous week.
  • Monthly - gather all medical notes and MARS from homes and tum into the QMRP by the 10th of following month. Gather all staff progress notes and Safety/Evacuation Training sheets along with any other applicable paper work; submit to Program Manager/QMRP by the 10th of the following month.
  • Provide a weekly schedule of dates and times for homes visits to Program Manager by Monday 8:00 A.M. of each week. Schedules should be based on client needs, staff schedules and should be random unannounced visits. Visits will occur Monday - Sunday at varying times throughout a 24 hour period up to a total of 40 hours.
  • Participate and accompany people being served on vacations/special trips, evacuations in case of natural disasters, as needed.
  • Coordinate transitioning of new people into the SL program.
  • Train/supervise and evaluate all Direct Care Staff on an ongoing basis. Rotate after hours scheduling calls with peers.
  • Process direct support staffs timesheets for payroll and billing processes.
  • Additional tasks/projects related to client care as requested by Director, COO/CEO.


Minimum requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services or a related field or minimum of one year related experience working with developmentally disabled population
  • Bachelor’s Degree is preferred
  • Physically able to perform duties
  • Ability to; learn various tasks, work independently, work flexible schedule
  • Must possess a valid Driver's License, dependable insured vehicle
  • Creative in devising new, innovative approaches to supporting people with developmental disabilities
  • Strong oral/written communication and people
  • Basic computer skills

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