Community Group Homes

Community Group Homes

Arc of Acadiana offers Residential Services to help clients learn the joys and responsibilities of independent living, in order to become good neighbors, friends and active members of the community.

Arc of Acadiana Residential Services operates 11 community homes for individuals with developmental disabilities. We encourage and support residents as they learn to embrace the privileges and responsibilities of community life. Our clients and their families are guided by experienced, compassionate staff members, who understand the challenges faced by developmentally disabled individuals learning to live independently.

There are many opportunities for learning and growth in our residential programs, and loving family members can rest assured that while clients are discovering a new level of independence, they are provided the necessary support, guidance, supervision, training, and assistance they need to be safe, healthy and happy in our community homes. We offer assistance for:

  • Transportation

  • Money Management

  • Counseling

  • Medical Assistance

  • Social Activities

  • And More

Individual and Family Support Supported Living (IFS/SLP) Program

Individual and Family Support

The Arc of Acadiana is committed to supporting all people with developmental disabilities as they pursue their dreams, wants and needs. We create custom-tailored supported living programs based on each individual client’s capabilities and goals. This both enhances our clients’ quality of life, and provides support for the families who care for them.

Arc of Acadiana’s philosophy is that people with developmental disabilities deserve to live, work and play in the least restrictive environment possible, with the support systems they require to be safe and successful. The IFS/SL Program provides whatever degree of assisted living is needed to enable those rights, whether the client currently lives independently or with family.

We encourage our clients to pursue individual interests and become involved in a variety of social and recreational opportunities in order to promote fellowship, friendship and connection. We offer training in skills for independent living, such as:

  • Self-Care

  • Housekeeping

  • Accessing Community Activities

  • Money Management

  • Emergency Response 

  • Social Interaction

  • Traveling Within One’s Community

Elderly Disabled Adult/Long Term Personal Care (CCW/PCS) Services

Personal Care


With Arc of Acadiana’s personal care services, elderly clients who are disabled or suffer from the effects of aging or adults disabled through accident or illness can receive supportive services in the comfort of their own homes.


Community Choice Waiver (CCW) Program

Arc of Acadiana’s CCW Program offers services to people who have become disabled as a result of the natural aging process, stroke, or other illness or injury. Services are provided in the client’s home, or in the family’s home if the client is living with family, and include:

  • Assistance with Personal Hygiene

  • Maintaining a Clean Home Environment

  • Assistance with Daily Tasks

  • And More


Personal Care Services (PCS) Program

Arc of Acadiana’s PCS Program enhances the quality of life of CCWrecipients by providing assistance with the activities of daily living (ADL) and the instrumental activities of daily living (IADL).

ADLs are daily basic functions and include:

  • Bathing

  • Bowel  Bladder Management

  • Dressing

  • Eating

  • Functional Mobility

IADLs are not necessary for fundamental functioning, but are important for living independently in the community and include:

  • Housework

  • Managing Money

  • Taking Medication as Prescribed

  • Transportation Within the Community

  • Shopping

Through our Long Term PCS Program, we offer transportation and other services, including ADL assistance and some IADL support such as light housekeeping, preparing and storing meals, shopping, and medication reminders to people age 65 and older (or 21 and older for adults with disabilities) who meet additional eligibility requirements.

Day Programs

Day Programs


We believe that all people should have the opportunity to socialize. For individuals not suited to employment options we offer a range of creative and recreational opportunities within our Day Programs including:

  • Recreational/Social Activities

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Music Activities

  • Gardening

  • Other Recreational & Therapeutic Activities

Employment Services That Work For You

Employment Services


Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our developmental disabilities job services and to see what programs are available in your area.

Resale Stores & Donation Centers

The Arc of Acadiana accepts donations of gently used clothing at any of our Resale Clothing Stores. We resale gently used, quality clothing for your family. Seven locations throughout Acadiana to serve you.


Save on disposal costs with our recycling services, including newspaper, paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum cans. Our employees also run a successful Mardi Gras bead recycling program. Pick up is available at your home or business.

Rags for Construction & Oil Industries

White and colored rags for painting, oil field, and automotive use. Rags are sold in 11 and 25 lb. boxes, with prices starting at $6/box. Free delivery in our service areas; shipping available for an additional fee.

Janitorial Services

Affordable, reliable janitorial services for your home and office.


Placement and management of vending machines in your school or business.

Survey Stakes for Contractors & Engineers

Our employees can deliver wooden survey stakes to a place of business within our service area for use at construction and survey sites.

In Need Of Workers?

In Need Of Workers?


The Arc of Acadiana actively pursues relationships with businesses and individuals in the community to provide a variety of  job opportunities for our clients.

We are always looking for more business partners to employ our clients, who are best suited for assembly-type, rote jobs and tasks, such as stuffing envelopes, rolling silverware, shredding papers or other jobs of this nature. However, we are happy to provide custom training for new jobs that fall within the capabilities of our clients.

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