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 Since 1954, Arc of Acadiana has been devoted to improving the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities. The Arc of Acadiana is a family driven organization working with volunteers, educators and professionals on local, state and national levels. We strive to ensure that all people with developmental disabilities can:

  • Live life to their fullest potential
  • Choose where and how they live, learn, work, recreate, and socialize
  • Access jobs, housing, personal care services and alternative therapies
  • Live life with dignity, self-support, and a deep sense of satisfaction

We offer a vision of society that accepts all individuals with their own unique capabilities, allowing them to contribute fully to their community.


Our Mission 

Arc of Acadiana is committed to securing for all people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to develop, participate, and live life to their fullest potential.


Message from CEO

 “The Arc of Acadiana leads with integrity, accountability and by open, honest and timely communication. We value our partnerships with volunteers and staff and work together to support and encourage our clients to lead fulfilling, productive lives.”

                    -Kenny Patton, Chief Executive Officer


Our Philosophy

People with developmental disabilities have the right to live, work and participate in the least restrictive environment possible and deserve professional training and support services that enable them to make responsible, informed choices, and to live the life they choose.


 Employment / Recreational Services

Arc of Acadiana provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to pursue a variety of employment and recreational choices.

The Arc of Acadiana Day Program and Work Readiness programs provide developmentally disabled individuals with vocational training and employment opportunities that strengthen their economic base and meet their employment, social, and recreational goals. We are committed to helping our clients improve the quality of their lives through a healthy environment that contributes to personal growth and self-sufficiency. Check out our Blog to learn more...

Waiver Services

Individual and Family Support/Supported Living (IFS/SL) Program

Arc of Acadiana is committed to securing for all persons with developmental disabilities the support to pursue their dreams, wants and needs.

This IFS/SL program supports people with disabilities while they are living at home with family members or independently. Services include: personal hygiene, medication administration, accessing community activities, and more. We understand the needs of family caregivers, and are able to give them much-needed respite while their loved ones are in our care. Check out our Blog to learn more...

Elderly Disabled Adult/Long Term Personal Care (CCW/PCS) Services

With Arc of Acadiana’s personal care services, elderly and disabled adults can remain in their homes. Arc of Acadiana's Community Choice Waiver (CCW) Program offers services to people who have become disabled as a result of the aging process, stroke, or other illness/injury. Services are provided in the person's home, and include: assistance with personal hygiene, maintaining a clean home environment, assistance with daily tasks, and more. Check out our Blog to learn more...

Residential Services

Arc of Acadiana strives to help residents of our group homes assimilate into their respective neighborhoods and become good neighbors, friends and community members. Arc of Acadiana Residential Services operates eleven group homes serving individuals with developmental disabilities. We offer residents opportunities to learn and grow in a supportive and encouraging environment, enjoying their independence while having access to support, training, and other services including counseling, medical assistance and social activities. Check out our Blog to learn more…





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