Resale Stores


Arc of Acadiana Resale Stores

STORE LOCATIONS Across acadiana

  • Lafayette Store
            401 Galbert Rd - (337) 991-2440
  • Eunice Store
            2410 W. Laurel Ave - (337) 457-4805
  • 2 New Iberia locations
            1845 E. Main St. - (337) 364-8275
            1504 Center St. - (337) 364-6573
  • Opelousas Store
            710 S. Union Street - (337) 942-3089
  • 2 Abbeville Locations
             104 North St. Charles St.  - (337) 989-3381
             2325 Charity Street - (337) 898-6130

    *Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 4:00pm      

Like always you, your family, and friends can anticipate the warmest of greetings from our genuine staff upon entering one of our retail locations across Acadiana.


We hope to see you soon

We hope that we have expressed our care and vigilance to keep our community and our staff safe during this time.

Come out to one of our resale store locations and see what we have to offer and make a difference!

Arc of Acadiana provides twenty-four hours per day, 365 days per year residential care. We provide these services for individuals ranging in age from eighteen and up. We have --- houses on --- land for them to choose from. 

Arc of Acadiana prides itself on providing the best care to our clients, who become like family. We offer community integration, life skills, job training and education, and more.

Residential Services

The Arc of Acadiana provides residential services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities across Louisiana.


We support self-actualization and independence across Louisiana for our individuals through Community/Group Homes!

Interested in Residential Services?

We would love to have you or your loved one as a part of the Arc of Acadiana family!

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