What is Supported Living Program?

Posted by Arc of Acadiana on Aug 10, 2020 12:25:58 PM

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Have questions about the Arc of Acadiana's Individual and Family Supports and our Supported Living Program? Read on to find out what Supportive living is and how it can help you or a loved one.

1. A place to grow

Through our Supported Living program, individuals are able to reside, work, and recreate freely, with support along the way. 

Some may blossom within community homes; others, within the framework of their own families.  And others, while living independently!

2. Where Social Development is Valued


  •  Enhance each person's quality of life
  •  Provide support for family-members caring for our clients
  •  Train our clientele in skills required for living independently
  •  Create a custom-tailored program in accordance with each person’s capabilities and goals.

life is enhanced while providing support for families who care for them.

We encourage our clients to pursue individual interests and plug into social and recreational opportunities. Our clientele grow socially through creating friendships and lasting connections throughout their lives. 

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3. Training Skills Are Provided

The Arc of Acadiana provides training skills for independent living offered by our IFS/SL program 

The skills included are:

  •  Self-Care
  •  Housekeeping
  •  Accessing Community Activities
  •  Money Management
  •  Emergency Response 
  • Social Interaction
  • Traveling Within One’s Community

4. Run by professional team

a dynamic team consisting of the following

Meet the IFS/SLP Team:

  • 4 Qualified Individual Disability Professionals
  • 4 Supported Living Coordinators
  • 1 RN
  • 1 LPN
  • 1 Scheduling Manager
  • 2 Schedulers
  • 2 Waiver Financial Specialists
  • 1 Program Manager
  • 1 Program Director

5. Supporting Families


Nearly 75% of Americans with ID/DD live within the family home. According to The Arc’s Family and Individual Needs for Disability Supports (FINDS) survey, the majority of family caregivers provide more than 40 hours of care for their loved one with disabilities each week (including 40% who provide more than 80 hours of care each week)! 


Through the Individual and Family Supports/Supported Living Program, Arc of Acadiana responds directly to this need! 

In fact, in South Louisiana, Arc of Acadiana cultivates 170 clients through this program!!! 

What Does Arc of Acadiana Do

Interested in other waiver programs that Arc of Acadiana offers? 

  • ROW (Residential Options Waiver)
  • NOW (New Opportunities Waiver)
  • LTPCS (Long Term Personal Care Services)
  • CCW (Community Choice Waiver)
  • SW (Supports Waiver) 


We also care for individuals with specialized needs such as:

  • Colostomy care
  • Urostomy care
  • In-waiver PEG tube-feeding

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