What does Arc of Acadiana do?

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So, you’ve heard that the Arc of Acadiana is committed to securing opportunities for all people with disabilities to grow, engage and really live life to the fullest!

But, what does securing opportunities for all people with disabilities to grow, engage and live life to the fullest day-to-day really look like?

Here we will answer the question: What does the Arc of Acadiana do? The Arc of Acadiana is committed to the following 4 services:

1. Residential / Group Home Services 

The Arc of Acadiana currently operates 8 group homes in South Louisiana and 3 homes in North Louisiana. 

Within these homes, residents learn and grow in a peaceful, supportive and encouraging family-oriented environment. Our residents are also provided full access to resources in the community to live a full productive life with choice and opportunities. 

Arc of Acadiana residents are supported through: 

  • Attending and being involved in the community through daily activities of their choice while receiving support by Arc of Acadiana professionally trained personnel
  • Learning how to manage money
  • Reliable Transportation to and from work, social activities, and doctors appointments.


The Arc of Acadiana also provides 24-hour personal care, nursing services, and medical care for people with intellectual disabilities as needed and also provides the following care for those residents with significant medical issues in 4 of our group homes including:

  1. Seizure Care

  2. PEG tubes

  3. Tracheostomies

  4. Diabetes Care

  5. Wound Care

  6. Dietary

  7. Physical Therapy

  8. Dental Care

  9. Psychiatry & Psychological Therapy

  10. 24-hour Nursing Care


2. Supported Living and In-home Waiver Service Program

This program supports people with intellectual disabilities for individuals living at home with family members or independently.

Services include: personal hygiene, accessing community activities and more.

We understand the needs of family caregivers and are able to give them much-needed respite while their loved ones are in our care.

In addition, we provide the following person-centered services on an as needed or individual basis:

  • Finance management

  • Medication administration

  • Grocery shopping

  • Doctor appointments

  • Support in Community Activities 

  • Training on personal hygiene

  • Household responsibilities 


3. Adult Day Program 

The Arc of Acadiana Day Program and Work Readiness programs provide adults with intellectual disabilities with social engagement activities, vocational training, and employment opportunities that strengthen their social and economic base and meet their social and employment goals.

We are committed to helping the people we serve improve the quality of their lives through employment in a healthy environment that contributes to each person’s growth, happiness, and self-sufficiency.

Arc of Acadiana takes pride in developing small business enterprises that build strong relationships with local business owners and managers, while most importantly, creating integration and work opportunities for our clientele.  This allows Arc of Acadiana to increase opportunities for individuals with disabilities so that we may also provide them with additional training and employment choices.

The day program offers:

  • Recreational services

  • Community Integration 

  • Education and training opportunities 

  • Activities of Daily Living Skills (ADL skills)

  • Supported employment and Job exploration opportunities


4. Supported Employment Services

Under Arc of Acadiana’s Adult Day Program umbrella, we offer our clientele access to a professional Job/Career-Coach.

This Job Coach assists each person in finding the job that best meets their needs and desires in the community.

The Job Coach also:

  • Helps with job discovery based on each person’s interests and talents

  • Assists each person in the job application process

  • Provides interview Coaching and assistance during an interview if requested by participant

  • Career training and career retention; ensuring longevity on the job


So, now the question is answered! 

Arc of Acadiana serves North and South Louisiana by providing Residential Group Home Services; Supported Living & In-home Waiver Service Programs; Adult Day Programs and Supported Employment for people with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities.

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