Thrift Store Shopping -  5 Reasons To Start Today!

Posted by Arc of Acadiana on Jul 11, 2019 12:04:50 PM

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Curious about thrift store shopping? Great 2nd hand items at a fraction of the cost…what’s not to love!  While there is, unfortunately,  a negative stigma associated with thrift store shopping, if you are fiscally or environmentally conscious, it just makes good sense!

Not only is it a great way to save a ton on anything you need, but besides clothing, you can find a multitude of amazing things shopping in second-hand stores. Great home decor, supplies for your hobbies, designer bags, lightly worn vintage- you will be amazed at what people donate. You could even be one of those people that find 10000 in an old suitcase or a painting worth 1million dollars (doesn’t hurt to dream right?)

As a matter of a fact a great deal my family’s wardrobe was bought from a second-hand store.  Why? Simply put; I will never pay full price for anything!  If I can get a better deal somewhere else. And, for many others, it is that thrill of a good deal that draws them in too. 

Here are my top 5 reasons why I encourage you to go thrifty too:

1) It's Kind To Your Pocket Book!

Let’s start with the most obvious reason; everything is a great deal!

I’m talking ridiculously cheap. 

Why pay more for something brand new, when you can get the same item or something better, gently used for so much less?

Finding items marked for two bucks that were originally twenty times as much is such a great feeling. The best part is you can buy a lot more than you could otherwise afford.

2) The Quality Finds! 

Most affordable retail stores these days all sell the same clothes, and quality isn't always up to snuff. If you’re lucky, an item might last five washes before falling apart. It’s a huge misconception that thrift stores are only filled with worn junk that no one wants.

I have found brand new clothes with tags still attached and so many other things in great condition at thrift shops. If it has survived wearing/washing before ending up on a thrift store rack, it’s probably made well.

3) The Thrill of the Hunt! 

Let's be honest, who knows what you might find while out thrift shopping? According to this interesting article, a thrift store shopper, Michael Sparks actually found a rare copy of the Declaration of Independence worth $477,650 that he purchased for a cool $2.48. Wow! Not to say that this will be your reality, but hey, you never know?!

4) It's Kind To The Planet!

 According to the U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste, Americans still throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year.  This makes it a local and sustainable form of business. By shopping at thrift stores you’re also not supporting companies that use manufacturing processes that contribute to the degradation of the environment.

5) (Most Important) Supporting The Cause!

Most thrift stores support really great causes, so you can feel good about all your purchases! Most donations go towards helping the homeless, battered women, job training for people with disabilities, and many other great causes. Spending at your local thrift store is an awesome way to help and give back to your community.


Wishing You Happy Thrifting! 

If you are interested in thrift shopping at ARC, check out some of our local stores today! 

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