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Posted by Arc of Acadiana on Nov 22, 2019 11:16:27 AM

join our team (2)Are you ready to work among friends who feel like family?     

Do you enjoy feeling valued and appreciated?

Are you ready to grow in experience while enhancing the lives of others?

Are you a DSP who'd like to make up to $11.00 hourly? 

Keep reading if you answered "YES!" to any of the questions above!


The Arc Values You

Your work really matters! When working for the Arc of Acadiana, you're doing more than bringing home a paycheck, you're making a lasting difference in the lives of others. To show our appreciation, we reward and recognize our hard-working employees! 


"Always Creating Excellence" (A.C.E.) Reward and Recognition Program

Monthly, we reward our Employee of the Month selections and those caught going above and beyond their job requirements.

The A.C.E. prizes include:

  • 1st Place: $200.00
  • 2nd Place: $125.00
  • 3rd Place: $75.00
  • Above and Beyond Winners: $50.00

The ARc Also gifts during:

  • Administration Professionals Week
  • Nurse Appreciation Week
  • DSP Appreciation Month

When the budget allows, we also enjoy gifting our Arc employees with Longevity  and Christmas Bonuses!

What Are The Arc's Employee Benefits?

The Arc's excellent Employee Benefits include:

  • Annual Leave ( Vacation Time ) & Sick Leave
  • Qualified 401(K) Plan
  • Opportunity to enroll in Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance ( optional, not required )

within THE Arc fAMILY, other benefit opportunities exist, including:

  • Supplemental Insurance options ( for full-time employees )
  • Pelican State Credit Union Member Benefits ( free checking account, etc. )
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program ( for those seeking advancement within The Arc! )
  • Up to $11.00 hourly for DSP ( depending upon work experience ) 

Arc of Acadiana

The Arc Encourages Your Growth

The Arc of Acadiana is a large-scale organization, with many opportunities existing for your personal and professional growth. Within this family, you're given the opportunity to "wear many hats"! And, if the area into which you'd like to grow requires further education, we welcome that, too!

Tuition Reimbursement 

Because you're important to us, we want to see you grow!  The Arc offers financial assistance for approved courses which will help you advance within The Arc! After one year of service; active, regular, full-time employees are eligible for Tuition Reimbursement!

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Why Join The Arc?

  • Increase your life's joy and purpose!
  • Love your daily work - there's never a dull moment here!
  • Be the difference in the lives of others! 
  • Enjoy the security of excellent Employee Benefits!
  • Belong to a family who appreciates you, and welcomes your growth! 


The Arc of Acadiana Welcomes You!
Find your place within our family!

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