Employee Spotlight: Phyllis Vincent

Posted by Arc of Acadiana on Jul 24, 2020 12:45:59 PM

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In this blog, Arc of Acadiana wants to take the opportunity to spotlight one of Arc of Acadiana's employees: Phyllis Vincent.

Read on to learn more about her and why she loves to work with the Arc of Acadiana team. 

Phyllis' Background

25 years of experience

Phyllis Vincent has been a dedicated employee of Arc of Acadiana for the last 25 years.She spends her days as a Direct Support Professional for our New Iberia  Day Program and her evenings moonlighting in our Residential Program. She has one daughter Alexis who is her pride and joy. Alexis is currently attending Xavier University with plans to pursue law school. 

More about phyllis

Phyllis attends St Edwards Catholic Church. In her free time she loves to shop, eat at Chili’s and go to the casino. 

When asked why she loves working for Arc of acadiana

She responded, "This is my family!"

Arc of Acadiana

Hear from others about PHyllis

"Phyllis has been a blessing to Residential Services over the years. She brightens a room with her infectious smile and is always willing to work any shift as long as it’s not pay day. Phyllis goes out of her way to make each client feel loved and respected. Every afternoon, she is waiting at the door to ask clients how their day went and ready to provide encouragement if needed. She is truly a blessing to work with!”

Brandi Stutes
Arc of Acadiana, Residential Program Director


"Phyllis Vincent has worked with Arc of Acadiana’s clients for the past 25 years. She dedicates herself to her clients wholeheartedly, which is evident when you see the compassion and respect in her interactions with them. Phyllis goes above and beyond to care for clients in any department that she is needed. Phyllis is devoted to her family, as well as her clients, and is an inspiration to all that work with her."

Angela Clymer-Norris
Arc of Acadiana, New Iberia Day Program Manager

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