Arc of Acadiana Employee Spotlight: 'Coach'

Posted by Arc of Acadiana on Aug 30, 2020 5:14:05 PM

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We want to shine a light on one of our employees: Robert Pinckney. You may also know him as just 'Coach'!

Employed since early 2007, read on to learn more about Robert Pinckney, what makes him special and why he enjoys being a part of Arc of Acadiana team as a Direct Support Professional.


Employed since early 2007, Robert Pinckney, also referred to as ‘Coach’, has been a dedicated employee to Arc of Acadiana for the past 13 years.

why 'coach'?

Some may wonder why he’s called ‘Coach’. Robert has been coaching basketball and football for the past 22 years. From being “rough and tough” on the fields, to “disciplined” on the courts, Coach shows his softer, paternal side while caring for the clients at Arc of Acadiana.


a role model 

It’s not often you find a dedicated male figure compassionate about caring for others. Robert's primary job is working for the 


Iberia Parish education system during the school year. He is better known as “Coach” here at Arc of Acadiana.

When school is closed for the summer, holiday’s and most recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he has stepped up and worked with various individuals during various times of the day.

His family life

‘Coach’ has been married for nearly 21 years, has 4 children, 2 grandchildren and another grandchild on the way. His family is his pride and joy.

When he’s not on the football field or the basketball court and working at Arc of Acadiana, ‘Coach’ enjoys relaxing at home, cutting grass and watching sports on TV.

Hear from Coach

What does it means to work for Arc of Acadiana?

'Coach' says:

to provide care and respect

"It means being able to provide a service to a group of people that sometimes gets looked over.

I love to see our clients smile. I love the interactions we have with our clients.

For our clients, it's the little things that make them happy for example, talking to them about their day or they like to hear about our day, giving them a shave, giving them a haircut, taking them to the park, going to a local store, or just going out to eat." 

Employees are celebrated

Robert continues, "Arc of Acadiana is a great company to work for because the company does a tremendous job showing and telling the employees how much they are appreciated through bonuses, gifts, emails and the annual crawfish boil." 

Hear from others about Robert

It’s nice to have “Coach” a part of the team because so many of the male individual’s we serve see him as a role model in their life; it’s another guy they can relate to and do “guy” things together. The guys get so excited when they know “Coach” is working with them”. 

Stephanie LeBlanc
Arc of Acadiana, Director of Waiver Services

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