5 Ways Arc of Acadiana is Changing Residential Services

Posted by Arc of Acadiana on Feb 4, 2020 12:36:26 PM

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The Arc of Acadiana provides Residential Services for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities across Louisiana. We support self-actualization across Louisiana for our individuals through Community/Group Homes!

Keep reading to discover answers to common questions about The Arc of Acadiana's Residential Services!

First, we’ll cut-to-the-chase by peeking into the age-old housing crisis affecting persons with disabilities:

1. Addressing Housing Concerns 

Here are a few concerns facing individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities:

  1. Absence of safe, affordable, accessible and integrated housing

  2. Housing-related discrimination

  3.  Outdated public policy and programs which segregate persons with I/DD

  4.  Little coordination among funding systems

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2. Responding to Housing Crisis

Over time, society grew to recognize that persons with disabilities belong within our communities. This realization cultivated a demand for community-based housing. 

The Arc of Acadiana robustly responds to this demand! Across South Louisiana, we operate eight residential homes for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities!


  1. Provide 24-hour supervision and individualized supports to all residents 
  2. Promote each resident to be involved and included within the community as they choose
  3. Empower each person with individual skills to live more productive lives!

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3. What Does The Arc of Acadiana’s Residential Services do for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities?

  1. Helps each person discover their identity and realize their goals within a responsible, independent living environment
  2. Foster positive life-skills necessary for living within the community
  3. Cultivate character; shaping each person into productive members of our community
  4. Support, guide, supervise, train, and assist each person based on their individual needs

What Type of Assistance is Offered within The Arc of Acadiana’s Residential Program?

We assist in areas including, but not limited to: 

  1. Transportation
  2. Money management
  3. Counseling
  4. Medical assistance
  5. Social activities
  6. Up to 24 Hours of support And so Much More!

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4. Who Is Eligible for Arc of Acadiana's Residential Services?

People with disabilities and elderly members of our community (ages 18+) who are deemed eligible for Arc of Acadiana's services.

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5. Opportunities for Community Involvement

Opportunities for community involvement include, but are not limited to: 

  1. The Arc of Acadiana's Annual Golf Classic
  2. Arc of Acadiana's Resale Stores and Donation Centers
  3. Arc of Acadiana's Annual Bead Drive


Let's Cultivate Change, Together!

Although the housing crisis for people with disabilities may look a little different than that of today, it’s roots are the same. Our response? It's time to uproot! Time to till. Time to transplant beauty into our community!


We're strapping on our gardening gloves and digging in deep!

Arc of Acadiana is a gardener of people! Helping each person to grow in their own way, at their own pace, one day at a time...blooming into the person they want and are meant to be! With our surrounding communities, helping us, supporting them, every step of the way! 

Join The Arc in providing purpose for people with disabilities!

Join our fund-raising opportunities or donate to The Arc to help support our main initiative... the PEOPLE WE SERVE!

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