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Posted by Arc of Acadiana on Mar 30, 2020 1:59:36 PM

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Arc of Acadiana's Day Programs meet the social, recreational, and employment readiness needs within our I/DD community. Meeting these needs impacts clients in a powerful way. These programs enhance quality of life and empower for future success!

Keep on reading to discover 5 ways Arc of Acadiana's Day Programs impact lives! 

1. What Does Arc of Acadiana's Day Programs Provide?

Arc of Acadiana's Day Programs meet the social needs and employment readiness needs of our clients. 

Arc of acadiana's Day Program and Work Readiness Program provides:

  • Social engagement activities

  • Vocational training

  • Employment opportunities 

  • Strengthens each person's social and economic base

  • Actualization of clients' social and employment goals 

Goals of our Day Programs and Employment Services include:

  • Improving social skills

  • Decreasing behavioral challenges

  • Increasing community safety skills

  • Continuing development of soft skills

  • Helping each person served realize his/her goals and dreams

2. How Many Clients Are Served in Arc of Acadiana's Day Program?

Our Day Programs serve 420 people! Who serves these clients? A supervised staff comprised of seventy-seven members (including DSPs and administration)! Thankfully, client-staff ratio is 1 to 7, which means each client receives focused attention. 

Where Do These 497 Clients and Staff Members Work and Play?

  • 162 Clients/36 Staff Members in New Iberia

  • 140 Clients/18 Staff Members in Lafayette

  • 118 Clients/23 Staff Members in St. Landry 

All ages of adults 17 years and older feel welcome within our Day Programs. Of our 3 locations, our oldest client is 85-year-old Ms. Myrna Champagne! And our oldest trainer? Ms. Delores Landry: 83 years old!

3. What Is Offered for Clients Who Do Not Wish to Work?

Arc of Acadiana's Day Programs offer a giant range of creative and recreational opportunities for our clients who are not seeking employment options. These opportunities allow our clients to socialize and explore their creativity within a routine framework.   

Not interested in employment? Here are Arc of Acadiana Day Program Opportunities for you or your loved one:

  • Recreational/Social Activities

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Music Activities

  • Gardening

  • Other Recreational Activities

What does a typical day in our Day Programs look like? 

Because staying active is crucial, a typical day involves exercise!

Taking walks, dancing, bowling, basketball, or participating in Girard Park's bi-weekly Fun and Fitness program are a few fun ways our clients stay active! 

Beyond exercise, a typical day may include:

  • Outings: Zoo, Theatre, Public Library, Science Museum

  • Classes: ADL, Continuing Education, Nutrition classes (LSU Ag.)

  • Store Visits: locating items by color; Gathering ingredients

  • Painting

  • Wi/Karaoke

  • Socializing: Card Games, Board Games, Puzzles

Arc of Acadiana Residential Services

4. What Does the Work Readiness Program Offer?

Arc of Acadiana's Work Readiness Program offers integration and employment opportunities for our clients. How so? Our small business enterprise builds strong relationships with local businesses, serving as gateway opportunities for our clients. This means, Arc of Acadiana's Work Readiness Program provides our clientele training and employment choices. 

Arc of Acadiana's Work Readiness Program Offers: 

  • Education  

  • Training

  • Community Integration

  • Supported Employment

  • Job Exploration

Specifically, our Supported Employment Services include: 

5. Why Choose Our Day Programs?

Arc of Acadiana's Day Programs are well-developed and trustworthy. Our program history indicates that our clients enjoy well-rounded, balanced lives.

From assistance with basic life skills, to utilizing our Supported Employment services, you or your loved one will feel free to succeed and grow within this framework. 

Why Are ARc of Acadiana's Day Programs a Superior Choice?

  • Personable: each client receives a person-centered plan; identifying daily goals, objectives and activities which the client (with staff assistance) achieve 

  • Clients feel safe and supported while attending our Day Programs

  • Tailored to adults of every age; every developmental stage 

  • Peer socialization, day trips within the community, cultivation of the arts

  • Universal skill acquisition: teamwork, problem solving, social skills 

  • Success with high-risk individuals and low group sizes

  • Clients receive high-quality, engaging activities 

  • Opportunity for you or your loved one to create meaningful friendships

  • Supportive employment: your loved one can Earn paid employment; acquire work field experience; gain self-confidence

  • Passionate, Joy-filled Staff whose Joy Reflects into the Quality Care of You or Your Loved One

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