Job Description

QIDP (Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional)- Bossier City, la

  • Supervisor: Program Manager or Director

  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in a field related to Human Services and 1 year experience supporting

    people with developmental disabilities.

  • Job Purpose: Supervise the development and implementation of assigned individual(s) Program Plan

    by integrating services in accordance with their Individual Service Plan.  Oversee the

    continuity and quality of client services.

  • Job  Duties:


       1. Assure compliance with state and federal licensing requirements, participate in the programs licensing process.

       2. Participate in the screening process of potential clients.  Complete all pre-admission and admission


       3. Review with Program Manager/Director placement of services for individuals who are determined eligible.

       4. Develop individual program plans and complete assessment summaries based on individual strengths and

          needs, develop goals and objectives.    

        5. Observe individuals in their settings, complete observation summaries and review data sheets to ensure

            implementation of documented objectives.

        6. Attend team meetings, to include quarterly, annually and as deemed necessary.

        7. Complete monthly summaries and document progress on implemented objectives.  Responsible for making

            necessary changes according to progress made.

        8. Review client incident reports and take appropriate, timely corrective action.  Notify Program Manager or

             Director immediately of all critical incidents.

        9.  Facilitate client participation in community and recreational activities.

       10. Assist and provide training to Direct Support Staff on implemented client objectives and

             client specific needs.

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