Job Description

LPN  Full-Time


Bossier city, Louisiana


 Administer and coordinate medication administration of all residents under the guidance of the Consulting Physician and RN/LPN     

 Supervisor:  RN /LPN Supervisor

Day and Night Shifts Available 

*Shift Differential Pay for Nights

 Job Duties:

 Give in-service on medical related matters (seizures medical related incidents, T.B., Hepatitis B, Universal precautions, etc., as   (necessary), training new staff: medication administration/vital signs, under the direction of consultant physician and RN consultations.
 Review and update consultant, physicians orders quarterly.
 Review and insure that MAR’s are updated
 Monitor doctors’ orders changes
 Administer all medications as per doctors’ orders.
 Completes LPN Orientation/Training
  • Overview of Nursing Policy and Procedures
  • Enteral Tube Feeding
  • Infection Control
  • Medication Administration Procedures
  • Resident Safety
  • Managing Infections
  • Skin and Wound Care
  • Emergency Medical Procedures
  • G-Tube/PEG Tub
  • Nursing Reports
 Assist RN/LPN Supervisors with Nursing Client Case management duties as directed by the RN/LPN Supervisor.
 Maintains adequate communication with pharmacy and pharmacy consult. Receives delivery from pharmacy at any time of day/night.
 Check temperatures in med refrigerators in med room
 Maintain patient equipment
 Completes a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual health check on all clients/patients in assigned caseload.
 Complete Nursing assessments for all incidents and all residents.
 Oversee bowel books
 Assist with physicians and dental clinics as needed.
 Documents daily findings in nurses notes
 Other duties as assigned by RN, LPN Supervisor and/ or Director.
 Maintain adequate stock of medical supplies.
 Reorder on all medications and supplies as needed.

 Must possess the following: High School Diploma, Valid Driver’s License. LPN must have a license in the State of Louisiana and furnish   the facility with renewed annual copy. LPN must be insurable.


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